Slandered Online? Become Part of the Conversation

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There is one basic premise for most online violations; someone is talking online about you or your business. We are frequently asked to address negative search results associated with a term such as the name of a business. At the bottom of each page of the Google search results, Google Suggest provides suggestions for related terms. Because Google Suggest does not delineate the difference between negative and positive word connotations, this function is affecting businesses and individuals exponentially. The critical fact to remember is that Google Suggest is based upon search volume.

If you aren’t participating in the online dialogue that is shaping your personal online reputation, your company and your industry, you probably aren’t considered a thought leader. Becoming a thought leader involves creating  – or identifying – good, solid content relating to your company, specialty or industry and then pointing others to that positive content. They link to it. It starts to move up and rank for the keywords with which you are concerned. Sites that have authority with the search engines and offer your content help to elevate positive content about you/your keyword and boost your credibility online.

If you are a thought leader, you can drive search volume and links. You become a thought leader by participating and contributing to online conversations in your area of expertise. If you are a thought leader, you have a lot less ground to cover if a crisis hits.

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