Interview on K-LOVE: George Rath talks with Steven Wyer, author of “Violated Online” – Meet Yourself Online: Somewhere there’s a server mining the Web for data about you; what does it know? K-LOVE’s George Rath finds out in this interview with Steven Wyer, author of “Violated Online.”Listen now >>

BlogTalkRadio Interview: Steven Wyer on Positively Incorrect – In this interview on BlogTalkRadio, Steven Wyer, author of “Violated Online,” speaks with Scott Cluthe about online privacy. Steven Wyer takes calls from listeners about how they can get control of their online reputation.Hear the whole interview >>

Nonstop News LA (NBC) Interview: Steven Wyer Talks about Being Violated Online – Recently, Steven Wyer, author of “Violated Online,” joined NBC’s Colleen Williams on Nonstop News LA to discuss the dangers of online slander and how to prevent it from happening to you.Watch the full interview >>
Steven Wyer on Los Angeles KCAL: Violated Online Author Offers Tips to Protect Yourself from Online Slander – Wyer recently visited the studios at KCAL to talk about the importance of being educated regarding the dangers of the Internet. According to this CBS affiliate, “If you’re on the web, then you need to hear what Steven Wyer has to say.”Watch the full interview >>
Interview with Bloomberg Businessweek’s Karen E. Klein: How Business Owners Counter Online Slander  – Steven Wyer says, “Don’t live in denial; know what’s out there and make sure you’re looking at various iterations of your company name, including your URL, because different results will come up.”
Violated Online Press Release: New Book Safeguards Americans from Dangers Lurking on the Net
Violated Online book offers a collection of examples from online slander victims and presents more than 50 specific tips that readers can follow to better prepare themselves for an unexpected online attackRead More >>
Violated Online Author Talks to American Medical News: 5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation Assassination Steven Wyer says that physicians must own their own name online, starting with claiming their profiles on finder and review sites. They should also monitor themselves online with Google and Yahoo alertsRead More >>
Violated Online Book Gets Nod from Journalist and Blogger Robert Stacy McCain: The Vicious Arts of Internet Character Assassination  …character assassination is the subject of a new book by Steven Wyer, Violated Online: How Online Slander Can Destroy Your Life & What You Must Do to Protect Yourself
Interview with Violated Online Author Steven Wyer in June 12, 2011 Adweek Magazine: Fixing Your Tarnished Brand
By any definition, Steven C. Wyer was a savvy marketer and brand creator. In the course of three decades, the Nashville entrepreneur Read More >>



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